Thursday, October 9, 2014

Multiply the Crushes...

Some random thoughts... I just want to encourage you to keep yourself pure before God. Everyday, in everything you do. Especially between men and women.

I'm not gonna tell you what you should or shouldn't do. 

I only wish to encourage you to examine every interaction you have with anyone. Examine each interaction and ask yourself "If Christ, my parents, my grandparents and all my church friends where standing, sitting here as I do 'blank' with whoever, would I be uncomfortable, would they? Or would they be horrified?"

Dude, its your life and everything has a consequence (good or bad) but I just wanted to remind you all that the Lord and everyone WILL -one day- be there viewing how you interacted and lived.  

So do you want to cringe on judgment day? I SURE don't...

I'm not gonna lie we all have a crush or two, at the first.  We think its good to 'follow' our hearts.  And we think it'll be fine, but it SURE don't work that way.  I learned the hard way.  It not only gives you pain to follow your heart, but it also leaves you feeling dead, or pretty near.

Crushes aren't sinful, they are the most natural thing (I've talked of this in a previous post).  But how you handle it is EVERYTHING!   Today I was talking to some friends, I had mentioned the name of one guy I like.  And I went on to say how it really don't matter for us women whom we like or don't like.  For us that guy will come along and 'get' us... all the way to marriage! :D  Regardless whether he was the guy we sorta liked or not.   Another thing though I don't (and can't) 'like' just one guy anymore.  I used to and that was NOT healthy.  I would dream too much and focus all my waking hours on thoughts of him. 

This got me into some trouble and its a hard lesson I learned but I've found that you MUST NEVER have ONE crush, but 'several' at a time.  And there is NO 'one and only' until you're marrying him and he IS YOUR one and only! :D

Bad: Think about it, say I like 'Dick' only and have a crush on him, I only think of how cool our futures would be together, then I start telling all my girlfriends and pray only for him (forgetting to pray for my 'future man'.... and only for 'Dick'), then I start feeling that I "know" he's 'the one' for me!  Thus a mess ensues.... a bad, filthy, hurtful, and hard mess.  That you now have to live through, and face.

Good: Now on the other hand I like 'Charlie', 'Jim' and 'Danny'.  I do like them all equally.  And I KEEP it that way.  I like to keep them all in my prayers, along with my future husband (who might be one of them, or a completely different person)!  I also keep it 'light' and not too dreamy (if at all) about them.
And I am better honoring my future man, whomever he is and he will have a light heart knowing I was not 'head over heals in love' with anyone but him. :)

This is just my experience and I don't know all the answers.  But if you seek the Lord's guidance, in EVERY situation you will be good!

Take care and forever ask him about EVERYTHING!  He most of all wants to be your closest friend.  And for a healthy marriage he MUST be your closest friend, even closer than your spouse.  And in closer I mean talking EVERYTHING over with him first.  As my Mom told me, "You have to, as your man usually won't always want to talk everything over."

Bless the Lord, For he is worthy!

-Faith E. Grubb

Monday, September 15, 2014

Esty Store

Hello all!

I don't who all of you have noticed, but I sew and I like to. :)  I've been working on an etsy shop for a long time, and I finally opened it! :D

Check it out! And let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Suffering with Nothing to Whine About

I am loved.  Loved by the creator of all creation, the creator of life, morals, the universe, 'the world' and everything in it.   Being so loved, I should have nothing whatever to worry about, or even think of being worried about... AT ALL.  NOTHING.

"Though He slay me, yet will I trust him."  Job 13:15

Do we have the faith or love for God that Job had?  God is all so wise, as he is the one and only God, and maker of all.  This makes him the BEST leader, the most faithful boss, the gentlest ruler, the most patient teacher, the holiest king, the truest and closest of friends as well as sweetest and kindest of lovers.

For us today it is hard to conceive the idea of a 'bride price' sometimes.  But if you think about it long enough and study the multiple cultures and meaning of it etc you'll see that even among all the world, God paid the highest of 'Bride Prices'.   All for us his 'bride', he died and gave up EVERYTHING.  I don't know about you, but I know to me my life and I myself don't seem worth dying for.  Especially for the King and maker of the universe to die for.  But he did.  Jesus Christ himself, I am only thankful.

Thus back to my point, I should have nothing to whine about.  Ever.   But life happens, and as many of you know (and have experienced) suffering, pain, grief, rape, death, heartache, shame, sin, regret and tragedy hits us on occasion.  Sometimes it knocks the entire wind our of us and we feel we can never recover or overcome*.
So does this excuse our whining?  Or give us the right to get mad, self-pitying, upset, rude etc?  Of course not.  I don't care if my family all died tomorrow, as Job's did (God forbid it to happen).  That would still give me no right to slander or blame God, or so much as complain in bitterness.
Now when I mention complaining and anger, it can be done in a good biblical way, without sin.  "Be ye angry and sin not." (Eph. 4:26).  And I can complain to the Lord (read the definition here, if you would [I'm referring to the 1st one] let's say its the same as 'pray about something').  I can decide whether to complain with or without sin or wrong intentions/thoughts.  For example, in a good way we need to complain to the Lord that 'So and So' isn't saved yet and it really bothers us.  He wants us to bring our requests and petitions to him!  But he does NOT want us to be all 'poor pitiful me' in our complaining.
You may still think I'm a little 'out there' as far as not whining/complaining of when any of the above said issues come up.  I'm not making assumptions here, seriously this can and must be done when we are in any form of suffering, pain, grief, betrayal etc.

Some may ignore the pain, and 'bury' the entire 'event' (or circumstance) to best deal with the hurt. Some may talk of nothing else for their relief, to 'talk it out'.  But many others may start to blame the people involved around it, and the list of how people deal with 'issues' goes on!
How SHOULD we handle these though?  How must we deal with pain and grief?  I won't deny I've ran across a lot of my own, as I'm sure you have.   And I don't claim to have the all knowing answers, nor claim that I've handled every situation of life 'best'.  But I'll share with you what I've learned from experience.  I hope some of you can avoid some of the heartache I've gone through.
What I've learned, its all in the thoughts.  No matter if its pain from someone dyeing or pain from some betrayal.
See the picture for the grid of responses we should and shouldn't have.

Anyway.  The Lord need our 100% attention.  He said he doesn't want lukewarm, or mild.  He'll actually appreciate Ice Cold more so, although he'd really like everyone to be 'Boiling Hot' for him!
Even when good things happen he wants our attention.  In the ups and downs.  He wants to be our best friend, but if we don't share with him or let him be, then he can't be.  And when life  hurts us why don't we let him show us how to go through it?  He's the only one to hold our heads above the water in the storms.  And when life and how it turns out isn't up to us, why not go to him (who directs the foundations of the world) with everything we face?

All I can say is that I've learned that no matter what happens to me, whether I loose my voice, my home, my ability to write, or my sight, I still will follow my Lord.  Call it blind faith, dedication or crazy in the head, but I am his.  He paid the biggest Bride price.  He died and purchased me with his own blood.  And it wasn't only the blood of a man (that would be even special) but it was the blood of a perfect man, and the SON OF GOD himself!!!

His holy, free, white sheep, who has nothing to whine about,
~Faith Ellie

* In Revelation alone an overcomer is mentioned 8 times, and each time with a promise.
Rev. 2:7  Rev. 2:11  Rev. 2:17  Rev. 2:26  Rev. 3:5  Rev. 3:12  Rev. 3:21  and Rev. 21:7 "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The De-SEX-itization of this Culture

DeSEXitization is my version of "desensitization".

Plainly the title should get you in the 'mood', or what have you, for my say here.

First please read these for me. They are five goals from the 1958 book "The Naked Communist" (five of 45 communists goals that is):
17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
18. Gain control of all student newspapers. 

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch."

(Score is public domain here).
Now what do you think of these five?  Have they come to be?  I can say that 17 and 18 are not completely  done, but pretty close, at least they've nearly got all colleges.   25 is effectively complete, sadly.  But I will say that 27 is close behind to completion and 26 is just being introduced...

I am proud of America but when I see today I am no longer proud of what we've become and what we are becoming.  I see the creature being glorified and man, rather then the creator, Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 1:25).  It is harder for righteous, Christian Godly men to remain righteous.  The strange women lurk about every corner, and grocery store.  And their 'honeycomb' lips are poisoning souls (Prov. 5:3).   But not only strange women but strange men too... and it is very hard to wait, as a single woman (the one NOT hunting for a spouse) and see and hear the culture screaming at us to 'get a boyfriend' and 'have fun'.

As it says in Proverbs 5:8-10 and 20 "8 Remove thy way far from her (the strange woman, or the man), and come not nigh the door of her (his) house: 9 Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel: 10 Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger; 20 ...Why wilt thou... be ravished with a strange woman (or man), and embrace the bosom of a stranger?"

I've seen countless friends, and even some relatives embracing the bosom of strangers, due in part to this desensitization to sin and sex, and nearly everything else except Christ and what he stands for.  They will not hear about morals, purity, righteousness or justness.  They have been successfully de-SEX-itized.  No longer are they sensitive to the sacredness of sex and the glorious fruit it can bring forth.  You see babies are no longer sacred either, they're the 'by product' of 'fun' (sex) and a nuisance and bother!   But if ONLY life and the sex life (especially) were done the Lord's way what blessings they would receive, what treasures Christ will give and peace and health.  They will not heed warning.  But in the end (verse 11 and 12) they will realize their whole life is gone, their beauty, their money, their heart scared, their strength gone, their emotions 'raped' and they will wonder why they didn't listen to the Lord.  They will see their labors were given freely to strangers, their whole life, for a stranger (whom they never married, who can or has walked out on them for younger beauty, love and sex), and the money they worked for, for years was given to that or multiple strangers (boyfriends/girlfriends live-in partners). (Verse 9 and 10).

I pray for this world, that the Christian men marry and beget children and find joy in the wife of their youth, that they won't burn and eventually burn out!  And I pray they won't fall at the hands of her who's feet go down to hell.  Likewise that we women continue to seek the Lord's face and let earthly things fade in his light, and that we only focus on him, and trust him COMPLETELY with our futures (Matt.6:20-21)!  He did clothe the skys with stars and the fields with lilies, oh if we'd only trust the Lord and he said he will take care of us (Matt. 6:25-33)!  And he tells us NOT to worry about tomorrow, as today has enough evil to worry about (verse 34).  He's also promised us the desires of our hearts, and he shall bring them to past, if we only delight our self in him, trust and commit our ways (life) to him (Psalms 37:4-5)!

So folks, if you are in any attraction, relationship or friendship I urge you to read the Proverbs concerning this!  And I'll warn you that if you forced this relationship happen or start (in any tiny way), or that you know is not of God you'd better look out for some heartaches and lessons.  If you're a child of God's he wants to give you the BEST relationship, but if you're forcing it, it may NOT be his will for you.  His will is best for you, let go and let HIM work, when he works out the details everything ALWAYS fall perfectly into place!

For Gentlemen:
Read Proverbs 5, 7 and 31.  Line that girlfriend up with these chapters.  Is she a person you can safely trust (for years, for the rest of your life)?  Or has she cheated on another guy to be with you?  She'll do it again.  And don't obey Hollywood a thin waistline and big bust ISN'T a beautiful woman!  That will fade, you'll be left with her heart and soul in the long haul, is it that beautiful or is she a selfish ugly woman underneath?  Ask her family and friends how she is.  Is she just leading you on?  Is she pushy?  Jumping to the next step?  She's anxious and doesn't trust you, if she is.  Don't idolize her into a goddess, Jesus is REALLY jealous! Does she tell you her stolen waters are sweet, does she offer you sex?  FLEE her dude!!!  I've met several virtuous women- they're out there!  Girls who will value your opinion and leadership.  The sea is full of fish... both good and bad.  In this culture it just seems the bad are outnumbering the good!

The sea is full of fish... both good and bad.  In this culture
it just seems the bad are outnumbering the good.
For Ladies:
Also read Proverbs 5 and 7, but put man in the place of the strange woman.  A strange man is the same.  Does he line up?  Is he giving you temporary gifts (expensive dinners, romantic dates) in exchange for your body later?  How much is he sacrificing for you, is he REALLY putting in his 'long term' treasures or not?  Are you idolizing him?  Be very careful of that God is REALLY jealous and he WILL take men out of your life if he must, to teach you to NOT turn them into gods.  And don't get carried away by looks.  And read Proverbs 20: 6 and 7, is he a faithful man, who doesn't boast about himself and what he can do?  All of Proverbs is a guide of what a righteous man should be.   And DON'T be hopeless, girls I've met lots of AWESOME dudes around the country who are all in search of good, Godly virtuous women to marry. :) 

So men, women.  The Lord only gave us a guide of what a just person and a fool are.  Examine everyone, even those you call friends, your church friends, your classmates, but especially your 'spouse applicant'.  And lean on GOD's understanding NOT YOUR OWN (Proverbs 3:5)!   Our hearts are desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9)!  DO NOT follow your heart... did you know God says you're a fool if you do? (Proverbs 28:26)  And feelings can lead you astray.

Take care and do your fear the Lord?  He won't allow you to continue in sin, in wrong, or in a bad relationship you forced.  You're his kids, fear him, for he'll teach you a big lesson out of it if you continue in it, and those aren't fun.   Though communists (and other satan followers) have put his goals into action beware that the Lord will ultimately win and judge everyone for every tiny action (and thought) they've made in their entire life, that includes me.  So I want to do as many things as I can that will make him a proud father of me his gal, instead of a shameful Dad.   He's taught me he's my God and he wants my full attention. Not half.

And even if we find pleasure in others sinning we are partakers (Romans 1:32)!  So that's any movie with sex before marriage, or sex outside of marriage, you yourself are participating in fornication and adultery!

Bring every thought into captivity (2 Cor. 10:5)!  ('Every' includes 'what's for dinner', God cares.  And satan can even use that thought to cause wrong thoughts to occur.)

Jesus will bless your obedience and faithfulness to him!
Do NOT let the Lord down.  He died on Calvary for you.  If you haven't accepted his truth ask him and he will answer your sincere questions.  He knows your heart.

Forever his forgiven child,


Here's a tiny update. :)   So we finally got home from Colorado!  It was all fun and busy, but it is good to be back. 

We had a very blessed trip.  I am learning that we are just tiny tools in God's big picture!  Its amazing how God can use us.  And I am amazed how we can just help others with our talents.  And we were able to relax too!  God really let me see many different walks of life, and I was able to learn more about the blessings God has given others.

So here are a few photos for you all.  :)

This is our friend's store where we spent most of our time.

This was lunch after one of the many churches we sang at.

The view from our new friend's home, up on the mountain!

Hiking on the 4th!!! So fun! And it was cool weather... C:

The view after we hiked up!

When we camped by the Colorado river Dad, Mom and I
took a walk while the kids (and Mel) were all shopping!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Uncomfortable Dreams

As I grow older and observe life around me, and around the world I've been learning somethings.  Also as I look forward to the new changes coming up soon (along with the dream of my future one true love {whenever I do run across him}),  I start to see one thing.  This life is actually nothing but pure vanity.   As Solomon's Ecclesiastes teaches us.

But its all 'vain' in that we live only (by nature) to find pleasure and serve ourselves and do what we want.  What 'feels' right.   Quite a bad plan when examined closer.   

The Lord first planned for us to all live with him in perfect harmony.  
Then we bummed up that plan by sinning (breaking the law) thus making death a factor of life (as death is the penalty for sin {sin being the crime}).
"But I can still use that." God may have said, as he did.
So he had to correct that error of Adam's with Jesus' perfect life and then his death on the cross, which was the only death able to pay for the crime of sin(s), as he was a perfect person.  
So now we live in the twenty-first century... He's made a way for us to eventually dwell with him in perfect harmony, but not yet.  So we still have a body of flesh... longing to fill ourselves with pleasure, sin, and be corrupt.     But thank the Lord, he's left us with the best 'road map'.  His Holy Word.

Wisdom should be bound about our necks and knowledge and understanding sought after:  "For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."  Proverbs 8: 11.
Did you get that?  All things that may be desired...  Marriage.  Love.  A husband.  A family.  A baby... All of it.  Not to be compared to wisdom.  It made me marvel when I read that.  Sounds pretty much like ditch everything except wisdom.  And that includes, all our dreams and our desires...

Wow.  Yet its true.  The Lord and his Wisdom should be our only goal.  They are our only reliable navigating tools here in this world of vanity.  If you think there are others I'm concerned for your soul.  
That's like me bringing you to my home, where you've never been and you pick up a drawing of mine and believe its going to give you a better tour than I could... of my house.  God, Jesus Christ, created everything in this universe, beyond, in this time, and in anytime there ever was, he created time.  That's like my believing in an angel to guide me through life.  God created all the angels and spirits and let them all have a mind to choose (in the beginning), as he created you and I to have a mind to choose... Good or bad, right or wrong.  Holy or unholy.

And so there was the angel Lucifer who chose evil.  It is sad he did, for now he cannot enjoy the eternal pleasures we (who choose Christ and holiness) will get to enjoy thanks only the LORD himself!  And by the way the 'third' power of magic was made up by satan/lucifer so he could get you to think it was 'safe' but its HIS bad power, which will only lead you to an eternity in hell, the lake of fire. There's no such thing as good magic, sorry.  God's power is way better its Majestic!!! :)  And ALWAYS wins.  But with a high cost....

Which brings me back to my point... of life here and its uncertainty and how we must cling to wisdom and the Lord.   Its uncomfortable half the time.  

Funny how our flesh craves comfort...  Well our life with the Lord begins just beyond that... in the zone of discomfort!   We have to humble ourselves (WAY uncomfortable last time I checked) before Him (JUST WAAAYYYYYY uncomfortable... before the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!), and repent (turn from, change and feel sad) for our sins.   Um that's just the beginning.  
As I'm learning.  I'm here been saved a while and the Lord is teaching me how to remain in discomfort.  He trains us little by little to become the person he needs to take home to heaven.  I've noticed how the 'good people' usually die, in the family.  They're nearly 'perfect' Christians and then they die!!!  Well that's a no brainier!  The Lord gets them 'as best as possible' pretty much and then takes 'em home to enjoy their eternity.
And its amazing how he lifts us to new lessons, gently.  One step at a time.  

And though we really believe our dreams are the best, and wonderful and amazing He usually never fills those dreams perfectly.  They're usually just the type, color and style we wanted yet they end up way bigger and better and far more amazing than we ever expected or thought we would/could possibly get!!!!
They're just usually a size bigger (as it says) and boy, do they begin and remain (sometimes) WAY uncomfortable!   
So are you willing to give up your dreams for wisdom and in the end have your socks blessed off with bigger better Uncomfortable Dreams???

I pray you come to know our Lord yourself, 

Faith Grubb

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Robber's Cave Exploration!

Well since I got my new phone I've been busy taking photos and having fun with it! :)

I've also learned of Instagram... So fun! :D

We were on TV Thursday night, for the first time and recorded the show on Tuesday!

That was a very nice privilege and God truly worked it all out at the last minute.  We got the call Monday to be on the show.

The weekend right before that we had two gigs.  One in Bonham, TX. and the next in OK.  Like 40 minutes from Fort Smith, AR.
So ya, it was a needed little trip. We're so used to long and 'tiresome' ones (to me its more fun when they're long) that this was a nice vacation, and it was close enough we could relax!  And we didn't have to worry.   Also we found the Kaiamichi mountains there, and they're soo pretty!  Just like NC and CO rolled into one!   And so Mother teased us with, "Did you meet anyone there?  Its close enough!" :D

The mountains were just bumps along the flat lands, according to some of our family.  But it was lovely.  None the less.

We also found a 'robbers cave' state park there and that was beautiful!

Enjoy the photos.

God's beauty is just beyond words.  "He hideth my soul in cleft of the rock where rivers of pleasure I'll see!"

Thank Him,
Faith E. Grubb

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So I've got that jar of pear sauce.
Its been growing kombutcha mushrooms (or scoby) on its own!  Here's one I 'caught' in the process!   It is soo amazing to see it grow and the reason I know it is a scoby, is the consitency and texture.  Those 'hard' white 'mounds' are the 'complete' part of the scoby.  But the other molds around it aren't as ready as they were.  :)

So to me, my conclusion is that scoby is made of tiny molds that form on top of whatever fruit you left out ;)  

And the amazing thing is that these wonderful scoby make the healthy kombutcha that works wonders!  Its #1 a great detox and we've found corn (GMO) gets Mel sick, but when she's sick kombutcha is the only thing that can help her go on... otherwise she's on the couch.  But needless to say she now avoids GMO stuff.   

Note the 'mound' just left of the center, and the bigger collection of 'mounds' to the top right corner.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Swamp Fox

Excerpt from "In God We Trust" Daily Devotional
by Dr. Richard G. Lee

Francis Marion (1732-1795), known as the "Swamp Fox", was the brigadier general serving in the South Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War.  His volunteer force "Marion's Brigade" could assemble at a moment's notice, hit the British and Loyalist garrisons, and then disappear into the swamps, their base of operations.    After the war, Marion served in the South Carolina Senate for several terms.  Listen to this soldier's profound insight:

"Who can doubt that God created us to be happy, and thereto made us to love one another?  It is plainly written as the Gospel.  The heart is sometimes so embittered that nothing but Divine love can sweeten it, so enraged that devotion can only becalm it, and so broken down that it takes all the forces of heavenly hope to raise it.  In short, the religion of Jesus Christ is the only sure and controlling power over sin."

Thank God for men like this who stood up for God, their home, their state, our country and our freedom.  We are still enjoying the fruits of their hands, but if we don't do anything we will loose it.

His Girl,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coconut Cream Cake

This is basically a 'Busy Day Cake' recipe from my Great Aunt's 1940s Better Homes and Garden's cookbook.  And I put a whipped cream and coconut flack topping!
The whole family loved it, which surprised me as I put no coconut or coconut cream in the cake itself.

Here's the recipe.

Busy-Day Cake
375 degrees  30 minutes

4 tablespoons butter
1 3/4 cup flour
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 unbeaten egg
3/4 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Stir butter just to soften.  Sift in dry ingredients.  Add egg, 1/2 milk; mix till all flour is dampened.  Then beat vigorously 2 minutes.  Add remaining milk, vanilla; beat vigorously 2 minutes longer.

Bake in paper-lined pan in moderate oven (375') about 30 minutes.

I personally don't use wax paper.  So I heavily grease my pan (I usually use a pie pan) and forget the paper!

LET CAKE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!  (About 30 to 40 minutes)

For the topping:
1 can of whipped cream
1 cup organic coconut flakes

In a desired pattern apply whipped cream all over top, cover it completely.  I did horizontal lines then one 'band' around the edge.
Then generously, yet evenly, sprinkle on coconut flakes.  You're done!

Cut and enjoy! GREAT with coffee, or hot tea.  Even in summer... or ice tea or wine if you're that type.

(Warning I DID make this cake way back at Christmas and haven't been able to post till now... sorry).